• ZynAddSubFX

ZynAddSubFX is a synthesizer that is designed for people who want to edit songs and add various sound effects. This is a more powerful tool than the usual ones which are on the market. Effects can be added in real time on the songs and there is also the option to preview them. However, users can add everything at once without going to the preview mode and then they can change any of the individual effects while they are on the timeline.

Instruments are also added virtually into the utility and users can work with more than 300 of them in order to create a song from scratch. With tens of effects readily available, the possibilities are quite endless. There are also multiple filters available which can be used to alter or to adjust the pitch of a song. In the end, after users add all of the elements on the timeline, they can save them in a friendly format, such as MP3 or WAV, if they need lossless quality.

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1.4 MB

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Windows All

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Nasca Octavian Paul

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