• Zotero Connector for Safari

Zotero Connector for Safari is an application that is able to facilitate the transfer progress between the browser and the collection manager. Zotero is a tool on its own, being able to help users who want to sort and manage their collections based on content. As this content is web exclusive, it also needs a source and basically, any visited website can be a potential content source. This is up to each user’s choice. In order to avoid working with the main tool whenever something new shows up, there is now the possibility to send content to the account with the aid of this extension.

Whenever new content is discovered, users just have to right click within a web page and then select the Save option that points towards Zotero. The content is then automatically sent to the user’s account. There, each one has the possibility of further sorting content based on its type. This allows users to easily manage their collections with ease and create a large database.

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