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YouTube5 is a good quality extension designed for Safari and that is able to drastically improve the overall quality of video playback on YouTube. This has been a more or less important issue over time and nowadays, users that want to address the problem can now do it with the aid of this app. The installation process is not difficult at all and all it takes just a few seconds to be completed. Upon restarting the browser and opening a YouTube video once again, the change will be obvious.

The media player of the website is changed and it is replaced with a much better alternative. The classic flash player is now becoming more difficult to work with, especially on low-end computers that have to run more demanding videos. HTML5 is able to easily decode this content while it does not require the same amount of resources that flash does. In an instant, the video starts buffering and as long as the internet connection is good, stuttering will be a non-existent issue.

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