• YouTube Auto Replay for Safari

YouTube Auto Replay for Safari is an extension that can be installed with ease by anyone who wants to automatically have a song replayed on YouTube. The website on its own does not feature such an option, although it is a highly popular one. Many users found a song that they quickly added to the favorites and placed on the “repeat” list. However, this action had to be done manually until now, when the process is fully automatic and does not require users to do anything else than just check a box.

The extension can be installed within seconds into the browser and afterwards, it allows users to replay their videos as many times as they want to. The application features a small button underneath each YouTube video that is opened. Users can check the box next to the text in order to have a certain video replayed. The transition is almost seamless and it does not involve refreshing of the page. Everything is done only with the aid of the extension and of the flash player.

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