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Winamp Essentials Pack is an application that is actually a bundle of plugins that have been carefully selected in order to be used with Winamp. This popular media player is still one of the most used on people’s computers and it is flexible enough on its own. However, with the aid of the right plugin at the right time, users can benefit even more by the features that are already available within the tool.

Although users might seem overwhelmed by the number of plugins that are available in this pack, there is always the option of manually choosing which ones to install. Not all of them might actually prove to be useful for all users and they can be individually removed afterwards. However, if users have a few minutes to spare before they start the installation process they can read about all the plugins and decide which one will be useful for them. There is also the option to restart the installation process if a new plugin has to be added among the previously installed ones and no settings will be overwritten.

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