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Win32Sality Remover is an application designed to help users who want to get rid of infections caused by the Win32Sality virus. This virus is able to infect a lot of files on the PC in a short amount of time and it usually goes unnoticed. However, users now have the possibility to work with a rather simple app that, unlike standard antivirus apps, can detect this infection and it can also remove the threat from the computer.

Users can run this utility without being required to install it. Moreover, it also works in safe mode so that users can disinfect their computers even if they cannot start the PC in its normal mode. This way, it is much easier to work with the app. Firstly, users can start the scanning process, which might take several minutes to complete. Afterwards, they have the option to disinfect, to remove or to place into quarantine the files that were discovered as infected.

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