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Widgets for Safari is a collection of multiple interesting widgets that are placed within a small toolbar easily installed within Safari. This application is an extension for the browser and it will work well with multiple versions, including past ones. Users are able to easily configure each part of the widget, but firstly, they have to install the utility in order to do this. The process is fairly simple and it mostly involves users clicking on the downloaded file and waiting for it to be added to the browser.

Users can easily configure each part of the newly installed widget, which has a minimalist design, with a thin black font on a gray background. The possibility of customizing each part of the widget makes it easy for everyone to set up the hour and the time zone, the location that will be used to display the weather forecast and even articles selected from one or multiple feeds. These RSS feeds can be added within the special list of the app and whenever new articles are available, their titles will appear in the designated area .

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