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W32.Virut Removal Tool is an application that can remove infections caused by the W32.Virut virus on a computer. This virus is able to infect EXE files and it can open backdoors to attacks, which can then run malicious apps on the target computer and easily steal data. Moreover, it can even infect the EXE of an antivirus tool, so that users need to work with a third party app in order to remove all the traces of such an infection.

This utility is simple to use, as it has just a few buttons. Firstly, the scanning process must be started and in a matter of minutes, users will see a list with all the infected files they have on the computer. They can then choose to disinfect the files and another list will be provided, displaying the files that are still infected. Then, the final option of users is to either remove or place files into quarantine. By using these options, users have the possibility to remove a W32.Virut infection completely.

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