• Turn Off the Lights for Safari

Turn Off the Lights for Safari is a theme suited for users who watch a lot of videos on their computer and do this through their internet browser. Some people do not enjoy the full screen view provided by YouTube or Dailymotion, for example, because they might do something else while they watch a video. Others simply enjoy the small video, but they are all deranged by an issue. Dark videos contrast too powerfully with the with background of these video websites. Eyes get strained and they will get sore in a short time.

Users are now able to easily get rid of this issue by installing this extension. In a matter of seconds, they can access its lighting feature and they can control the background of websites. They can easily darken the design of YouTube or that of any other bright video website in order to better enjoy videos. This can be achieved by pressing a single button, that of the utility. They can also press the button once again in order to revert the background to the lighter one.

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