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Trend Micro HijackThis Portable is a solution for users who want to discover if any processes have been altered on their computers and in what way. There are certain applications on the internet, usually malicious, which can be installed on one’s PC and then they can create havoc. If an antivirus is not able to detect such behavior, there is the need of another utility that can do this. The current app is able to detect changes that have been made to the system and it can also inform users about the actual change that was performed.

Users can learn which are the processes that have been changed and by what application were the changes made. This allows them to quickly get rid of these utilities, as the app is also able to work as an uninstaller for such malicious applications. In a matter of seconds, the tool can get rid of any app that has modified the standard settings of the operating system in an unauthorized way.

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John T. Haller

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