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Translate for Safari is a simple widget that allows users to easily translate a page and see the desired content in the language of their choice. This simple extension makes use of the Google Translate website in order to perform the translation. This makes it easy for users to read the translated page without having to open on their own the Translate website and enter the website’s address there. All of these can now be performed by simply accessing the provided toolbar.

First of all, users have to install the extension and they can do this by just double clicking the file that they downloaded. Then, the toolbar will appear into Safari’s interface, but it does not stay there permanently. It can be hidden from view and it can be summoned only when it is necessary. This allows users to work without being distracted or without having a chunk of their websites chopped off by the interface. In a matter of seconds, users are able to receive the translation after choosing the desired output language.

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