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TheWorld Browser is an application that can be used in order to navigate the internet with ease. The utility has a simple interface that follows the classic browser design so that users can quickly learn how to use this app. The icon pack, however, brings a degree of uniqueness to the tool and it makes it different from the rest. The window page of this browser is multi-threaded, so that pages that go unresponsive cannot affect the rest of the browser’s tasks.

There are multiple features added to this utility. One of the most important is the pop-up and pop-under blocker, these potentially harmful being prevented from loading on websites. Moreover, users also have the possibility to work with a form filler in order to quickly fill in addresses and other fields that might be required on different sites. There are various skins that can be added to the utility to change its appearance and a lot of plugins can also be installed with ease.

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1.6 MB

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Windows All

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Phoenix Studio

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