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TFM Audio Filter is an application that can provide a series of tools that music enthusiasts can use in order to edit their favorite songs. However, there is one thing that makes this utility different from others on the market. This tool is designed to edit all songs in real time so that users can see the changes taking effect as soon as they are chosen. Users can change the output of the sound, changing the channels through which sound comes and they can force the mono sound on songs.

Another effect that can be used is the Amplify one. There are multiple possibilities when it comes to this and users have the option to choose from multiple audio effects. The most important tool of this app is the equalizer, which features enough tracks to edit any song in multiple ways. There are already a few presets available and users can also create as many as they want to use them.

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Size :
309 KB

Version :
1.0 beta 8

System :
Windows All

Editor :
TMF Group

Price :
0 €

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