• Stylish for Safari

Stylish for Safari is an extension useful for users who are bored with the same old styles of their favorite websites. Now, they can alter each design and make it look just as they want to. They have the possibility to edit just about any element within a page, as long as its format provides editing options. Ads and Flash content, for example, cannot be edited. However, anything else that is backed up by a CSS stylesheet can easily be edited in order to look just like a user wants to.

It takes no more than a few seconds to install this extension and the process is fairly simple, requiring no more than a double left click on the downloaded file. Afterwards, users have the option to quickly access the application by pressing on the newly provided icon in the upper area of the browser’s interface. From there, they can define as many custom styles for websites as they want. Each of them will be instantly loaded when a website is visited so that users can see their own design instead of the classic one.

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Size :
156 KB

Version :
1.2 Beta

System :
Windows All

Editor :
Vladimir Sobolev

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0 €

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