• Social Fixer for Safari

Social Fixer for Safari is able to enhance the functionality of Facebook in a number of ways, allowing users to easily get the most out of the website without having to face various issues that are related to the poor implementation of different features. This extension is able to improve the quality of the Facebook page of each user by being able to provide customization features. These allow each user to design his own environment in which he can see the latest posts or something else.

The news feed can now be tabbed in order to provide updates based on different categories. These categories can be set up with ease in the settings of the app and users can work towards receiving only quality updates. There is also the possibility to apply a new skin to Facebook. There are already a couple of them provided within the utility, but users are free to design custom ones, too. Recent activity elements can be now removed from one’s profile in order to keep things as clean as possible. Thumbnails can now be enlarged by hovering over them, without forcing users to open the images in new tabs. New comments are also better highlighted within feed entries.

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