• SMPlayer

SMPlayer is a good audio and video player that can be used by anyone who wants to watch a movie or listen to his favorite songs. The tool has a quite simple interface so all of the main elements are displayed either using a few buttons, either in the back-end. Audio and subtitle tracks can be switched if multiple are available on a video file. This is usually the case of movie DVDs which contain such elements. Chapters and extras can also be accessed with ease.

Delay of audio and subtitle tracks can be customized so that syncing can be achieved with ease. Users just have to use one of the few keyboard shortcuts that are available to achieve this and they can use the advantage of having all the changes applied in real time. The utility is also able to create a playlist so that users have the option to add their favorite songs in there and have them playing in the background while they do something else.

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Size :
17 MB

Version :
0.8.6 / Unstable

System :
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

Editor :
Ricardo Villalba

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0 €

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