• Simple Machine Protect

Simple Machine Protect is a portable solution for users who want to remove virus threats from their computers without having to install an antivirus application. This utility has a simple interface that provides access to all of the main features in just a few mouse clicks and users can easily navigate through all of the options that are available. Moreover, the app receives support from its developers and this provides quick updates to the virus signature database.

The application can work on all sorts of computers and it can be copied to a USB flash drive, too. This provides users the needed portability that can reach to multiple PCs in a matter of minutes. The utility is able to scan the computer in multiple ways, so that a complete system scan or just a quick scan can be performed. Users are also able to allow the app to disinfect the files. This process takes seconds to complete and afterwards, users can enjoy a clean computer. Junk files and temporary files can also be deleted with the aid of this tool to free up space on the system partition.

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1.3 MB

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Windows 2K / XP / 7 / NT

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