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Send to Kindle for Safari is an application designed for Safari users that own a Kindle and want to integrate it with the browser. The utility is installed with ease into the browser as it comes in the form of an extension. It takes only a few seconds for the app to be installed and then, users have full access to all of its features. From there on, users just have to link their Kindle with the PC, without needing a wired connection, if wireless is available.

After these steps are ready, users can simply push content from their computer towards the Kindle. They can send a whole PDF document and have it available on the device in a matter of seconds, but they can also work with web pages on their own. These functions can be achieved with ease and they allow users to quickly sync their content between the PC and the Kindle in order to read an article or anything else they might want to. The articles that are sent to the Kindle are placed in a separate file with their web title so they are easily recognized.

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