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SalityKiller is an application that is designed to remove threats that come from the Win32.Salty virus. This virus is more versatile than others currently roaming the internet and it is hardly detected by antivirus tools. However, this does not mean that the infection does not spread throughout a system and users must take action if they want the process to stop. They can achieve this with ease if they make use of a third party app like the current app.

Unlike other utilities of the same kind, this one features a command line interface and there is a help command which allows users to learn more about the other features provided by the tool. The scanning and disinfection processes can be performed with ease from within the app and users can quickly get rid of the Win32.Salty infections. Moreover, the current virus removal tool does not need to be installed on the computer, as it can run directly by launching its EXE file.

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