• RoboForm Online for Safari

RoboForm Online for Safari is a solution for users who are fed up with the issue of addresses and other fields that have to be constantly typed in when working with various websites. When creating an online account, users have to type the same information over and over again, such as the name or the email address. Moreover, when purchasing something online, the address fields have to be completed and this can become annoying, too. However, all of these processes can now be solved in a matter of seconds with the aid of RoboForm.

This extension is able to keep track of every field that has been filled in with information after the app was installed. It will memorize the type of the field and the content that was provided in order to automatically input it the next time when users have to complete a similar field. Of course, RoboForm can be prevented from gathering information from any of these fields, and some of them are automatically not monitored, such as the CVV field when purchasing online.

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