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  • Reddit Enhancement Suite for Safari

Reddit Enhancement Suite for Safari is a good quality package of tools bundled within a single extension. This application is really useful for those that enjoy browsing Reddit. The app addresses not only to those that have accounts and are active posters, but also to those that just enjoy reading posts, but do not want to create an account and have it linked to the website. There are multiple features that are useful and they are always refined by the community which actively participates in the development of this extension.

Users can easily expand images directly onto the Reddit page, without having to open each one separately. This is useful as most of the Reddit posts are just images. The load times are barely affected and the images can be resized by dragging them. Votes can be seen in an expanded view now, as users can see not only the total value, but also the number of upvotes and downvotes. Formatting help is much better now and users can easily format their text and post it on the site.

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343 KB

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Windows All

Editor :
Steve Sobel and Daniel Allen

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0 €

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