REAKTOR is a powerful audio synthesizer that provides support for users who want to edit an unlimited amount of tracks in various ways. The utility has a rather complex interface but it provides quick access to all of its features. Thus, users can, in a matter of seconds, add one or more effects onto a song and edit it. Each of these effects can be added on a separate track from the original one of the song. This allows users to remove effects at any given time without affecting the song track.

The application allows users to mix two songs together and create a new remix. This can be achieved with ease thanks to the beat syncing feature. With the aid of that, users have the possibility to easily mix any kind of songs. Then, they can go on and add the usual effects onto them. MIDI files can be edited, as well. Users can import such files into the app and see detailed information about each note, which can be altered individually.

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Size :
80.6 MB

Version :

System :
Windows 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit

Editor :
Native Instruments

Price :
399.00 €

Licence :

Downloads :

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