• QuickTime

QuickTime is a premium media player that provides support in terms of editing videos, too. Users have the possibility to play video files in different formats without the need of external codecs and they can also fine tune some of the options that are provided. They can make use of a different sound scheme to better experience the soundtrack of a movie or they can change the subtitles’ design.

Videos can be converted within this utility in all the major formats that are also supported for playback. This way, users can quickly have a video in a format that is ready to be played on a specific device, such as an iPhone. Users can also crop their videos in order to keep only an important part from them. Media skins can also be created and they can be used even with this utility. The application also allows users to watch movie DVDs, access their menus and even build new ones.

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Size :
39.4 MB

Version :

System :
Windows XP / Vista / 7

Editor :
Apple Inc

Price :
29.99 €

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