• Portable PeerGuardian

Portable PeerGuardian is a simple application that does not require an installation process in order to run. This makes it extremely flexible and users can quickly access all of the main features that are provided by simply double clicking the main executable files. In a matter of seconds, all of the utility’s features are available and users can perform a quick scan of their Internet ports and see if any of them represent a threat.

When users make use of peer to peer connections, ports are opened and some of them can remain open even after the file transfer has been stopped. These can be exploited and one’s computer can be accessed with the aid of such an open port. However, users can quickly close all of these ports and any other suspicious one by allowing this app to scan all of them and see which ones require attention. This is mostly an automated process so that novices can also benefit from the features of the tool, but advanced users can manually read information about each port and decide what do do with it.

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Size :
690 KB

Version :
2.0 Beta 6b

System :
Windows All

Editor :
Phoenix Labs

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0 €

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