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Portable Multi Virus Cleaner is an application that is able to remove viruses from one’s computer without having to be installed on the device. The utility is small enough to be kept on a simple USB flash drive and it has only an executable file which encompasses not only the features, but also the virus signature database. This allows users to disinfect their computers on the go, without having to get through difficult installation processes.

The utility has a simple interface and just a handful of options that are designed to simplify the overall disinfection process. Users can choose one of the multiple scanning types in order to achieve the task they want. Afterwards, they just have to wait for the tool to complete the scanning process. If viruses are discovered, users will be notified and they can take action. They can either allow the app to remove the virus from a certain file or remove the file altogether. The tool can also detect other harmful elements such as spyware and it is able to remove them, too.

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Size :
6.8 MB

Version :
2011 11.5.2

System :
Windows All

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0 €

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