• Portable McAfee Stinger

Portable McAfee Stinger is an application designed to help users who discover that viruses and malware appeared on their computers. Such infections have various degrees of severity and the most annoying ones will prevent users from installing further applications on their computer. However, there is still hope as this utility is a stand-alone app that does not feature an installation process. Users just have to double click the single executable file and the antivirus tool will launch.

There are multiple features available and they mostly refer to the scanning types and paths. Users can scan the whole system, but they can also work with portable devices such as USB flash drives in order to remove malware and other viruses from them. The scanning process is fast and it features a progress bar, so that users know how many files have been already scanned. The application then provides users a complete list with the infections that have been discovered on the computer. Users can select all of them and allow the app to perform a certain task, but they can also individually choose which files should be removed and which should be disinfected. The latter option is recommended for files that are part of the system, especially.

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