PCDJ DEX 2 is an application designed for users who need to edit their songs in multiple ways. This utility has a rather simple interface but it provides access to a lot of functions, including virtual turntables. Two of them can be added at the same time on the screen so that users can easily mix two songs at the same time, just as they would do with a real pair of turntables.

The utility can work flawlessly in the live mode so that users can edit songs on the go during a party or another event. There are tens of effects that can be added on the songs and each of them can be further edited. Moreover, the two songs can be synchronized based on their beat pattern in order to help users who want to create a good quality remix. Two more DJ decks can be activated from the options menu if users need to start a karaoke session and need more support.

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Size :
18.2 MB

Version :

System :
Windows 7 / 8

Editor :
Digital 1 Media Inc

Price :
229.00 €

Licence :

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