• PARTYBlaster

PARTYBlaster is a music player that is suited for people who want to throw a party and need a tool to support them. The application has a different interface from the usual players as it is more colored and contains a few special elements. A quick button turns the monitor into a visualizer where multiple designs can be displayed, including an equalizer that works based on the music that is currently played.

Users can add one or more songs into the app and then they can create a playlist. They can also import the songs to the media library and have them accessible whenever they need them. A simple feature is able to shuffle songs so that songs are picked randomly during the party. A series of short tags can be added to songs in order to create multiple mini-playlists that revolve around a certain subject.

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Size :
4.9 MB

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System :
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8 64 bit

Editor :
TMI Universe

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0 €

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