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Organ is an application designed to be used by people who want to emulate the sounds of an organ. These highly advanced instruments are not within everyone’s reach, but they can be used in different songs. In order to achieve this without having to find a functional organ, there is the possibility to create a virtual organ track starting from songs available in a database. This is the aim of the current application, which can do a good job when it comes to emulation of not one, but multiple organ types.

There are 3 MIDI channels that can be used in order to add and edit organ sounds and this makes it easy to preserve the track for further editing. A CPU dependent polyphonic feature is available and it can emulate up to 64 levels, depending on the user’s needs and available resources. The age of the organ that is emulated can also be changed, in order to replicate an older or newer one. There are also various tonewheels available, 11 of them, which can be added on top of each track to change the overall tune.

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3.3 MB

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Windows All

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LinPlug Virtual Instruments GmbH

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149.00 €

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