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NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder NVIDIA DVD Decoder is an application provided by NVIDIA to any user who has such a video card installed on his computer. The tool is designed to boost the capacity of the video card in order for users o experience a better video quality when watching movies. The utility has a simple interface with several configuration options and users can quickly get through all of them.

The application is able to provide support to Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player when it comes to correctly playing DVDs. The GeForce 6 and 7 series are able to work with the PureVideo feature provided by this tool. CPU load is also minimized when videos are played thanks to the better resource management of the app, which concentrates more around the video card itself. De-interlacing at high levels can also be attained in order to improve the video quality once again.

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Size :
21.1 MB

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System :
Windows XP

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Price :
19.95 €

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