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Norton Removal Tool is a simple but useful utility for users who want to remove from their computers various applications provided by Symantec. The app does not feature an installer so that users can run it in a portable mode, thus allowing them to store it on different devices, too. The interface of this program is really simple and contains just a few buttons, so that users can get through the whole process with ease.

First of all, this removal utility scans the whole system for all the Symantec products that are or were installed in the past. Improper uninstalling allows files to remain stored on the PC and this app is able to detect them. After the list is displayed on the screen, users can simply check the boxes of the utilities they want removed from their computer. In a few more seconds, this whole process is finished and users can close the app or request a log file.

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Windows 2K / XP / Vista / 7

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