• Neo Security Flash

Neo Security Flash is an application designed to help users who want to protect their external devices against virus threats. The utility does not have to be installed as it can run directly in a portable manner. This allows it to be directly added onto a flash drive and it can run fine from there. Other devices that function on the same principle can be connected to the PC and scanned, as well.

The application is able to provide more support, though. Virus threats that are identified by this utility can then be removed in an instant thanks to the powerful features of the app. However, users can also work with this app as with a simple file explorer in order to transfer files from one folder to the other. They can also create backups of certain files and when needed, they can restore then to a specific location.

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Size :
28.1 MB

Version :

System :
Windows 2K / XP / Vista / 2003

Editor :
Neo Technology

Price :
14.99 €

Licence :

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