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MV2Player is a media player designed for both professionals and amateurs that want to play one or more files and listen to their favorite music or watch a movie. The silvery interface makes it easy for all the buttons to be easily accessible and its design makes it easy for everyone to quickly access the needed features. Of course, for those that want to edit the playback parameters, there are a series of options that can allow this.

Users have access to the codec list and they can edit the way in which a video is played. The same can be applied to songs, as there is an equalizer with tons of presets available. There are also different effects that can be added on a track in a live mode in order to alter it, although these are not options that are added to the file directly. Subtitles can be added onto videos and there are different options in the menu. Simple or dual ones can be added and the font, the color or even the position of these subtitles can be edited.

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07 RC2

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Windows All

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