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  • Musepack Encoder 1.15u alpha and Decoder 1.95z6

Musepack Encoder 1.15u alpha and Decoder 1.95z6 is an application that can be installed on computers that need a better decoder when working with various audio files. Although it started with MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 decoders, the utility is now much more advanced and it is able to provide support for various other file formats.

The utility is installed with ease and it takes just seconds to complete this process. There is no front-end interface provided by this tool but users can combine it with other applications in order to access certain parameters. However, by default, this app will scan the specs of the computer and it will automatically tune itself in order to provide the best quality output. This application does not provide lossless decoding, but it is able to perform this process using a really low amount of resources.

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141 KB

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Windows All

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Frank Klemm

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