• Multi frontend

Multi frontend is an application designed to support users who need a visual interface for one or multiple codec packs they have installed on their PC. The tool is able to work with multiple codecs that have been previously installed and that have no actual interface. Some are active when they are needed but they cannot be modified or disabled. Others are only accessible using command-line interfaces that are not accessible to any user.

This utility is able to get rid of this problem, as it can provide users support when they need to access a front-end of a certain codec pack. Multiple packs are compatible with this app, such as BladeEnc, TooLAME or LPAC. Tens of others can be scanned for within the computer’s files and then users can start editing them in order to achieve the needed parameters.

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60 KB

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0.983 Beta

System :
Windows All

Editor :
Wim Speekenbrink

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