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MSN Explorer is a good browser application that can be used on a daily basis, especially by users who also have a MSN account. Thanks to this browser, they can integrate all their MSN features and access them with just a couple of clicks in order to find out the latest information they need, such as emails, weather or even fluctuations of the stock market.

This browser has been redesigned lately so that users can experience a better and more minimalist application that can take them wherever they need in an instant. Bookmarks can be added and sorted based on various criteria. A new feature of MSN is the Radio, which allows users to build a comprehensive list of radio stations and access each one, whenever they want. Flash content and documents can be opened with ease by the application, removing the need of downloading these files and accessing them locally.

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Size :
5.8 MB

Version :

System :
Windows All

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Price :
18.95 €

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