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  • MPC Batch Encoder 2.3.1

MPC Batch Encoder 2.3.1 is an application that can be easily used in order to either encode or decode different music files. The interface of this utility is really simple and it only contains a few configurable options so that everyone can easily understand all of the available functions. Of course, the tool is able to work with MPC file and users usually want to decode them. However, these are not the only covered files by the app.

Besides MPC, FLAC and MP3 are some other popular formats that can be encoded or decoded using this tool. The utility can be used in the background, too. This is a useful feature that can be used when multiple songs have to undergo the encoding or decoding process. Minutes might pass until the app can convert all of the files and it can run silently in the background.

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Wim Speekenbrink

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