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Mixcraft is a standalone studio designed for users who do not have special hardware in order to achieve such a task but they want to create songs which can be easily played and enjoyed afterwards. The interface of the tool might seem a bit cluttered in the beginning and this is because all of the main features are provided on the main screen so that users can quickly access any of them in order to edit a song live.

Users have the option to provide an already recorded sound file or to record one live. Both of the options provide editing options but the latter one requires more skill from the one that does the whole process. However, users that do not have singing talent can create songs using samples. They can provide their own ones or they can use the samples available in the library of the utility. Both solutions are really simple to use and each instrument can be added on a separate track, allowing users to easily sort everything as they need to.

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Size :
136 MB

Version :
6.1 Build 217

System :
Windows XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit

Editor :
Acoustica Inc

Price :
74.95 €

Licence :

Downloads :

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