• Missing e for Safari

Missing e for Safari is an extension that adds a plethora of new functions that improve the functionality of the well-known Tumblr website. This site is known for its simplicity, but users might want sometimes to perform different tasks and they do not have support in this direction. There are multiple parts within this extension and each of them can be individually controlled. Thus, users can customize the elements that are displayed without facing interference between one and another.

Users can install this extension in a matter of seconds and afterwards they can configure all the fields. They can then resume browsing Tumblr while benefiting from all the new features. There is the possibility to instate a safe mode so that posts can be automatically filtered. This is especially useful in a work environment where not every post is safe to be displayed. Bookmarking is done easier and within the app itself, so that users can come back to their favorite posts without having to save their links within the browser.

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