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MediaPortal is an application designed to help users who want to transform their computers into powerful media centers that are packed with features. The utility has a simple interface but a lot of options are available in there and there is always the possibility to theme the app in one way or another. Multiple BDA cards can be used in combination with this tool in order to have content streamed to and from a TV.

TV channels from around the world can be streamed using this application and there is also the option to play local files. This way, users have quick access to all their favorite media elements in a single place. There are sound options and this can be adjusted using equalizer presets or different effects. Video options are also configurable so that anyone can enjoy the best quality movie files. The music played using this app is stored in the library for quick access in the future.

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Size :
95.7 MB

Version :
1.6.0 / Alpha 4

System :
Windows XP / Vista / 7

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0 €

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