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McAfee VirusScan is a solution for users who want to get rid of viruses on their computer and prevent others from appearing on the system. The utility is able to provide support in multiple ways and the most important is obviously, its virus scanning feature. Multiple scanning processes can be performed in order to target different areas of the PC. Moreover, the tool keeps itself updated as often as possible and runs the updates in the background, with no restarts being required.

Spyware is also targeted by this app and websites that host such content are blocked right away so that users do not get their PCs infected. The tool can also provide protection to email accounts. Users can now be free of spam as the utility does its best to remove all of the messages that contain such content, using both word and image filters. Scanning ports are blocked by the utility whenever this is necessary in order to avoid the creation of connections between another PC and the user’s one.

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1.2 MB

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Windows All

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39.99 €

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