• Maxthon

Maxthon is a simple browser application that makes use of the Internet Explorer engine in order to work. Thus, it uses only low amounts of resources and it can work with multiple tabs at once. Users can detach each tab from the main window and create a new browser instance, if they need to. By default, this utility has an ad blocker installed and users have the option to activate it or not, depending on their preferences.

Mouse gestures are available as part of this browser and they can be configured in a number of ways so that users can create custom actions and gestures. A bookmark bar can be used in order to keep the favorite links within reach. There is another bar, a utility one, that can feature shortcuts of different applications installed on the PC. Users just have to click an icon and the corresponding app will be launched right away.

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Size :
6.6 MB

Version : Final

System :
Windows All

Editor :
Mysoft Technology

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0 €

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