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Maxthon Cloud Browser is an application that makes use of two engines in order to properly run and provide its users with all the needed elements they want from a browser. The utility is really simple to install and it takes just seconds to do this. Afterwards, they can import bookmarks and other data from another browser installed on the computer and they can continue searching the internet and browsing their favorite sites, just as they did before.

The utility makes use of cloud resources in order to work faster and provide more functions. Users have the possibility to create an encrypted file that contains all of their bookmarks and upload it into the cloud. Then, they can access their needed links from whatever computer they would work at. There is an option that provides a dual screen feature so that two tabs can be browsed simultaneously. Advertisements of various kinds can also be removed from websites for a cleaner browsing experience.

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Size :
34 MB

Version : / Beta

System :
Windows 2K / XP / Vista / 7 / 2003

Editor :
Mysoft Technology

Price :
0 €

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