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Malware Removal Tool is an application designed to deal with a series of malware infections that target computers nowadays. Such threats are not always discovered by normal antivirus tool, which are not specialized for such a task, but they still represent a real threat for PC users. This is why there are specialized apps that can get rid of such threats and the current one is dealing with several malware types.

Users can run this utility in a matter of seconds in order to clean up their computers and they can easily get through the steps available. They firstly have to start the scan process and wait for a few minutes until this is ready. The app can run in the background, too, both when scanning the system and when disinfecting target files. A log file can be created so that users can read more about the paths of the infected files and see all the malware that infected the PC.

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Size :
290 KB

Version :
March 2009 Edition

System :
Windows All

Editor :
Joe Pestro

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0 €

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