• LastPass for Safari

LastPass for Safari is a good solution designed for those that want to stop worrying about forgetting one or more password from their accounts. This extension can be installed with ease and afterwards, it created a secure environment for any user who wants to easily add various passwords from different online accounts. In fact, the utility is able to automatically fill in the fields, when needed, so that users can save some time when browsing the internet and being required to log onto a website.

The utility can also be controlled with the aid of a master password so that no unauthorized access can be gained into the main options panel of the app. This allows users to keep every password safe in the database. Nothing is saved in plain text so passwords cannot be recovered, even if they are discovered on a login screen or even within the tool itself. The utility can also be used by users who want to add address details on websites and fill in other fields, as well.

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