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Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool is a quickly configurable antivirus tool that can work in an active mode in order to easily get rid of infections on a computer. The application is different from other products provided by Kaspersky as it does not feature of bundle of tools within the installer package. Everything is straight to the point so that users do not have to install unnecessary features.

The app does its job quickly and users have the option to choose between a full or a quick system scan. Results may vary depending on the chosen option, but regardless of the choice, a list with all of the infected files is provided. Then, users can choose to disinfect all of these infected files and if this not works, the utility can put them into the quarantine mode. Files can also be deleted from the system to prevent further infections, but this requires the consent of the user.

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Size :
126 MB

Version : [25.01.2014]

System :
Windows All

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