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Karaoke Anything is an application suited for users who want to get rid of vocal tracks in various songs. This is something that most people want to do because it prepares song for karaoke session. If this is not done, than a karaoke party does not have a purpose. However, there are third party solutions that can work with almost any song and remove its vocals in order for users to quickly enjoy the track and play it at a party.

The utility has a simple interface so that all of the tasks can be performed with ease. When it comes to file formats, users are able to import just about any song they have and then, they can proceed to the removal process. This can be done automatically, but there is also the option to fine tune the removal process. There are multiple pitch levels that can be adjusted in order to remove most of the vocal track while affecting only the smallest part of the instrumental tracks.

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Windows All

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Atomic Media

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