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KaraFun Player Formerly KaraFun is the media player that any users should have when hosting a party. The utility is not just a simple player, as it also provides people the possibility of having fun with a karaoke session. Besides the playlist and the window that controls the song, there is also a video player that provides the lyrics of the song. Here, users can read the lyrics and sing them using the instrumental variant of a song.

The utility can be configured to reduce the vocals of a song in order to prepare it for a karaoke session. Multiple file types can be associated with this app in order to be automatically opened this way. Within the karaoke screen, random background animations will be displayed that are designed to entertain and not to distract participants. A visual guide can also be added so that users know when they have to speed up the pace and stick to the lyrics properly.

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Size :
5 MB

Version :
1.20.86 Build 771

System :
Windows 2K / XP / Vista / 7 / 7 64 bit

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0 €

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