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iPMSiSergiwa Portable Malware Scanner is a premium application designed to help users who have malware on their computers. There are various threats that one might face when browsing the internet and malware is one of the most severe. Such infections are not usually detected, let alone removed by normal antivirus tools and this is why a dedicated one needs to be used. This application has a really simple interface that is able to guide users through all of the features with ease. There are not too many options available, actually, because the utility is designed to be straightforward.

Although there are multiple scanning types available, it is recommended that users work with the full system scan in order to achieve the best results. This might take a while, depending on the number of files that need to be scanned, but in the end users are notified about the malware that has been discovered. From then on, users can manually choose what files they want disinfected and what files can be removed altogether. The utility will perform these tasks in a matter of seconds so that users can quickly resume their usual activities. The fact that this app is portable makes it easy for users to place it on a USB flash drive and run it from there.

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Size :
1.6 MB

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System :
Windows All

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iSergiwa Software

Price :
14.99 €

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