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Internet Explorer is the classic browser that users can find pre-installed within their Windows operating system. It is a freeware solution for those that want to browse the internet and do not need too many features. Thanks to this, this browser requires low amount of resources in order to run and users can open multiple tabs at once without any problems.

HTML5 is supported by this application and the most recently designed websites can be viewed with no problems at all. Security is also taken seriously and websites that feature malicious content are always blocked before loading. Users are informed about the issues discovered on the site and they can continue at their own risk. Toolbars are not anymore popular, but some special ones with widgets can still be added. Also, the bookmark bar can be set up to appear in the upper area of the screen so users can access some of their favorite sites.

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Size :
14.7 MB

Version :
7 FINAL 7.0.5730.13

System :
Windows XP / 2003

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